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Founded in 2014 by two life-friends, Keta Gutmane and Krists Zankovsky. Each founder brings their distinct skills and voices to the label. Based in Riga, the label explores the appeal of a modern uniform through distinct design cues, fine craftsmanship.The internal culture of Keta Gutmane articulates a youthful approach to design that is about tailoring modern woman wardrobe in a smarter direction, founded on balanced comfort, sharp tailoring, elegance and fine textiles. It’s iconic pieces with a strong identity, styled and proposed for different occasions. They pursue the image of women who aim to modernly express their own comfortable and natural looks. Inspired by women’s lives and needs, the ambition is to define a dress code and wardrobe that backs their purpose. 

The brand has developed three lines:

KG Basic Line - inspired by daily life occasions and will be a perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe.
Black Line - core identity items, are for women who apreciate quality of design and tailoring .
Undefined -experimental series made- to- measure Couture garments, crafted for fabulous looks for your unforgettable life moment.

Since 2014, the brand has presented its latest collections at the Paris, Milan and Tokyo fashion weeks in a multi-label showrooms and currently the brand's collections are available worldwide.