Keta Gutmane is a womenswear brand founded in 2014 by two life-friends designers Keta Gutmane and Krists Zankovsky in Riga city. The designers came together from uniquely diverse fields to conceptualize ideas of attractiveness and create designs expressing the mood of today while aiming for permanence and timelessness.

Unique graphic prints are mixed with classical references through the combination of sharp tailoring, craft details and stretchy fit silhouettes. Each element, classical or eccentrical, projects a certain edginess and finds its proper place and highlights the other.

Contemporary silhouettes and shapes are articulated through the mix of recycled fibers, innovative fabrics and classic materials.

The brand has developed three lines:

KG Basic Line - perfect addition to your every day wardrobe, inspired by occasions from daily life.
Black Line - core identity items are for those who value quality design and tailoring.
Undefined - experimental series made-to-measure couture garments, crafted for fabulous looks for your unforgettable life moment.